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Personal Injury

How Much is a Slip and Fall Case Worth in NYC?

It’s very common to want to know exactly what your case is worth. Unfortunately, the classic lawyer’s answer applies: “it depends.”   Still, we can tell you what will go into that determination, and why.   Liability   The first thing we have to prove in any slip and fall case is whether someone was…

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Injured in an NYC Train Accident? We Can Help.

When we tell people we handle railway personal injury cases they give us a skeptical look. We can almost read it loud and clear.   “Who gets injured in a train accident, unless they were doing something foolish?”   More people than you think. While reckless drivers and pedestrians cause many train accidents, they don’t…

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How Personal Injury Trials Work in NYC

While many personal injury cases settle out of court, some will need to go to trial. Some insurance companies really do fight tooth and nail to avoid paying out more than they have to. Hearing your case needs to go to trial can be stressful, so it’s important to know what to expect. A great…

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Is it Ethical to Pursue a Personal Injury Case?

Some people hesitate to call a personal injury lawyer because a lot of very powerful interests have spent an awful lot of time disparaging people who do it. After all, everyone’s heard the sneer about the hot cup of coffee. Most people don’t realize McDonalds was keeping that coffee at 180 to 190 degrees Fahrenheit,…

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Dog Bite Law in New York: When Is There Strict Liability?

It might seem like a simple area of the law, but across the United States, dog bite law is complicated and difficult to understand. Not only do the scenarios and circumstances of a dog bite vary greatly, but also each state has very different rules and laws. In one state, it could be very clear…

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