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Dog Bite Law in New York: When Is There Strict Liability?

It might seem like a simple area of the law, but across the United States, dog bite law is complicated and difficult to understand. Not only do the scenarios and circumstances of a dog bite vary greatly, but also each state has very different rules and laws. In one state, it could be very clear…

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What Are Punitive Damages in a NY Personal Injury Case?

After a car accident, pedestrian accidents, slips and fall, dog bite, or another personal injury a NY personal injury case allows those harmed to seek damages. Damage, also called compensation by NY lawyers and courts, are meant to put the plaintiff back in the same position as before the accident or injury. There are two…

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Working in the Winter? What Seasonal Construction Accidents to Avoid

Traditionally, the winter months in New York were a time of little activity in the construction industry, but better technology, equipment, and best practices are changing that. Many construction projects are continuing into November, December, and beyond. While this year-round approach to construction is great for productivity and project timelines, it does create some complications…

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Top Tips for Dealing With an Insurance Company After a NY Car Accident

An NY car accident can happen in an instant, but the repercussions and recovery could take months. Crucial to your recovery process, particularly necessary medical and financial recovery, is cooperation by the at-fault driver’s insurance company. Yet, many individuals injured in an NY car accident find that dealing with insurance companies is a frustrating part…

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